Moshe Yudkowsky

Professional Life

A link to my whimsy-free, serious web site that contains information about my professional life.

Kosher Wine Review

I bit the bullet and decided to post my reviews of kosher wines. I've got over forty reviews, with more added on a regular basis.

The Moshe Update

An update on lastest exciting news.
Complete instructions on how to play Hakosot — including an audio clip of the Hakosot song.

My life story

Biographical information that you can't do without, including exciting photographs and the True Story about my early life.


Photographs of myself, my family, and an occasional friend; but for truly brilliant work of art, you must visit Jacque Marshall's page.


Odds and Ends: lectures, rants, essays.

Home address:
2952 W. Fargo
Chicago, IL 60645-1223
voice: +1 773 338 9322


My contact information for work-related issues may be found here.

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